Lizard Dance

Church Commissions

St Margaret’s Church, Laceby

All Seasons Frontal with liturgical seasonal panels, chalice veil and burse

St Margaret's
Mary Sleigh and Bishop Christopher St Margaret's, Laceby

St Wulfram's Church, Grantham

Chasuble, two stoles and chalice veil to be used with an existing frontal of 1890s. They are in keeping with the Victorian frontal depicting some of the motifs in the original frontal in a contemporary way. The pieces combine something of the present with traditions of the past.

St Wulfram's

Some years later I designed and made a tunicle and dalmatic to be used with the chasuble.

St Wulfram's

St Margaret’s Church, Braceborough

Designed and made an all Seasons Altar Frontal
Co-ordinated the design and making of liturgical seasonal panels by Kate Pike, Kay Carne and Victoria Clay

St Margaret's
Altar Frontal