Lizard Dance

Other Publications

As well as my books, I regularly contribute to Embroidery and Stitch magazines.

Recent articles:

Stitch, February/March 2007: Out of Africa ideas inspired by African strip weaving
Embroidery, July/August 2007:
Embroidered Extravagance
article on Zardozi, a metal thread technique from India
Embroidery, November/December 2007:
Textiles from India the global trade
Book revue
Embroidery, November/December 2004:
To Have and to Hold
in the studio with Hilary Bower, a profile of the textile artist
Embroidery, 2005: A series of six articles on aspects of embroidery and textile techniques in southern Africa were featured. Topics included:
Jan/Feb: African Embroidered Textiles Image: Mapel detail
March/April: Patching, Piecing and Appliqué Image: Inlay appliqué detail
May/June: Edges and Embellishments Image: San collecting bag
July/August: Beadwork - Identity and Adornment Image: Maasai neck collar
Sept/Oct: Beadwork - Making and Materials Image: Tswana beaded dance skirt; detail of fringe
Nov/Dec: Pattern, Print and Dye Image: Raffia cloth